The model of oyster watches – Rolex launched Oyster Perpetual series watches

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8Rolex launched the new Oyster Perpetual series watches, in addition to the 39mm watchcase, and also match with the new size of 26mm, 31mm and 34mm. The new watch launched in 2014, the 31 and 36 mm Oyster Perpetual reflect each other, form a series and contains a variety of sizes and charming surface to show the legendary image of Rolex watches. The Red grape surface fit for all of the sizes: 26, 31, watch 34, 36 and 39 mm.

The model of Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 watches is 114300 – 70400. The oyster watchcase is made of 904L stainless steel (screw-in type of bottom and cochain crown), the diameter is 39mm, this watch match with triangular grooved lines screw-in type of bottom and blue crystal watch mirror, it’s water resistant to 100m, carry with rolex 3132 automatic cochain movement and the vibrational frequency is 28800 times/hour(4HZ). This replica watches rolex equipped with paramagnetism Parachrom hairspring and high performance Paraflex cushioning device. 48 hours of power reserve about. Match with oyster three lattice of solid watchband and 904L stainless steel folding type of oyster watch clasp.

The function of rolex Oyster Perpetual watches is displaying the time accurately and this is the quintessence of the concept of oyster. This watch is born of the first waterproof watch in 1926 – the prototype of oyster wristwatch. The Oyster Perpetual combine with the famous rolex waterproof oyster watchcase and automatic cochain perpetual movement and have the all basic elements of oyster series. The rolex replica swiss with its elegant and sports style talent showing itself from the numerous watches.

Swiss Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watches

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18The oyster replica rolex watchband make up three rows of large, flat chain link which is pretty strong, the material is made of 904L stainless steel.

The design of oyster watch ear is very short, in order to match with the flexibility of Chain link type watchband, the watch ear is flush with the first watch chain, looks like a part of the watch chain and is very comfortable to wear.

The design of black dial plate is very unique, except the 3, 6, 9 o’clock position, the other hours are replaced by minute digits. In the position of 12 o’clock with a classical litter crown design which is pretty beautiful and atmospheric, the design of Sweep Second Hand make the read time clear and distinct.

The bottom of this watch adopt screw-in type of bottom and carry with 3135 automatic cochain movement which has incomparable reliability, The movement equipped with Parachrom hairspring which can resist the influence of knock and temperature variation and the Power Reserve is 50 hours.

If you want to choose a classical and Low key but long-lived watch, this watch is the best choice for you. maybe you can also choose rolex presidential day date replica watches

Three type of classical Rolex watches which never out of style

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200Rolex is a legendary of watch brand. In horologe circle, Rolex is the only one which favored by its precise, although the precise is not better than quartz wristwatch, but people still like Rolex watches. Today, I will introduce three types of classical Rolex watches to you

Rolex Submariner Series 116610LV-97200 with green dial plate

Series: Rolex Submariner

Movement: automaton machine

Watchcase material: stainless steel

Watchband: stainless steel

Watchcase diameter: 40mm

This replica rolex submariner watch also called classical “green ghost” and many people want to get this kind of watch;

Rolex Datejust series 116233 with champagne dial plate diamante watch

 Series: Rolex Datejust

Movement: automaton machine

Watchcase material: 18K gold stainless steel

Watchband: 18K stainless steel

Watchcase diameter: 36mm

This kind of replica rolex datejust also called“gold Rolex” many people can’t help to love it, no matter how many misunderstand and prejudice in the past years, it still the most classical, beautiful and most Rolex. Five baht clasp, dog tooth, etc, All of these are classical,

Rolex GMT-MASTER II Series 116710LN-78200 watch


Movement: automaton machine

Watchcase material: stainless steel

Watchband: stainless steel

Watchcase diameter: 40mm

People often indecision in choose this GMT-MASTER II or black ghost. Of course, some people choose GMT-MASTER II and some people choose the other one. Both of these watches make people fascinating; and the waterproof of GMT-MASTER II as deep as 100m. The black ghost has a double time zones display function and suitable the people who often has Business Trip.

Conclusion: Rolex watches has steady, applicative design style, and attracted many people’s attention, the precise and durability make Rolex more expensive. Every horologist of Rolex has a same confidence that is everything must make perfection more perfect