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The waterproof of a rolex daytona replica watches is easy to get aging and deteriorating if the watch has been used for a long time. Thus, it needs to be replaced periodically or when the watch is sent to be maintained. The damage of watch glass can affect the water resistance of the watch, so it is also need to be replaced when it is damaged. In general, you should have your Rolex watch serviced every three or four years. We need to examine the waterproof performance and other performances of the watch carefully.

All the water resistant watch are marked with English words “water resistant” or “water proof” in the bottom cover, while the watches with no marks cannot be wet for they are dustproof only. 30m(3ATM,namely 3 atmospheric pressure) waterproof watch can be used when you clean up or in the rain, because only water drop splashing on the cover of the watch but no water press on the Rolex watch. 100 meters waterproof water meter can be used when you are swimming and do the daily housework. Above 200 meters waterproof watch can be used when you are swimming and diving under the water.

Don’t operate the watch button when the watch is wet to prevent water entering into the watch; you must push the button back after using it and the turnbuckle button must be locked tightly with no gap left. The Rolex watch must be dried whenever it is wet to prevent chemical material entering into watch. Otherwise, it will affect the waterproof rubber ring, reducing waterproof performance; Do not place the watch in high temperature (+60℃)and low temperature (-10c) environments; If there is water smog inside the watch, it should be cleared in time to avoid rusting. Please preserve the replica rolex sky dweller watches inside the watch box if it has not been used for a very long time to avoid scratches when the watch collides with other items, and this will greatly reduce the possibility of being damaged.